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Resilience and Wellbeing
Contemporary research suggests that the modern workplace is characterised by greater job insecurity, social disconnection, higher risks of job loss, higher demands on productivity with fewer resources and amounting in increased workplace stress. This represents a huge risk to employee mental health.

Research has demonstrated that resilience training increases personal resilience, enhances mental health & psychological functioning, improves performance and increases subjective well-being in employees.

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Taking Charge of Feedback
Conflict and sub-optimal workplace cultures are often the result of poorly delivered and poorly received feedback. Managers seek strategies to deliver feedback constructively and effectively, and in ways that maximise employee responses and minimise defensiveness and misunderstanding.

Research shows that approaching feedback conversations with a ‘Growth Mindset’ enables people to be more successful, more engaged and to enjoy more productive relationships at work. This workshop provides skills and knowledge to engage in performance management and professional development in a proactive and engaging way.

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Mindfulness in the Workplace
Although workplaces feel increasing pressure to do so, the notion that multi-tasking leads to greater productivity is not supported by research. In fact, 'single-task focusing' is what our brains are designed to do best. Mindfulness leads to greater productivity and accuracy, through retraining the brain's preferred state. The consequent ‘flow’ effect enhances creativity and innovation. Research in neuroplasticity has shown that, with training, our brains can be re-trained to be more single task focused: this is what mindfulness is about.

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Developing a Coaching Mindset
Are we constrained by our genetics? Research on coaching suggests otherwise. Early Binet’s research on intelligence was premised on the idea of identifying at-risk students so they could be given the opportunity to ‘increase’ their IQ. Research by Carol Dweck has reignited and progressed these ideas.

In the workplace, we can be guilty of perceiving skills as traits, rather than abilities that can be nurtured. To do so, requires a coaching mindset which shifts our focus from the person to the process, enhancing motivation.

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Diversity and Inclusion
Research has shown that employees who think that their organisation is highly committed to, and supportive of diversity, and they feel highly included, are 80% more likely to agree that they work in a high performing organisation than if they perceive low support and commitment for diversity and low inclusion.

Complicating matters for organisations, is that even despite the best of intentions, humans are vulnerable to unconscious bias. Biases influence our decisions and interactions outside of conscious awareness, forces that may result in workplace exclusion.

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