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About Executive Coaching

In addition to career and skills support offered by most executive coaches, as a psychologist with over 15 years experience in corporate HR and IT, I am uniquely able to assist in the following ways:

  • Evaluate (& treat) mental health related concerns and determine to what extent they might be impacting on goals and work aspirations.
  • Understand the impact on wellbeing regarding fulfilling potential and finding purpose at work
  • Provide resilience coaching based on psychological research
  • Evaluate interpersonal dynamics and the extent to which they may present strengths/barriers
  • Blend work-related and personal observations to provide a rich understanding of the coachee's current needs towards preferred career and life directions

    I am experienced in helping clients who have experienced difficulties with:
  • Career Clarification
  • Workplace Relationships & Conflict Management
  • Mental Health Related Concerns
  • Diversity & Inclusion e.g. LGBTIQ, Gender, Race, Disability

    Contact Mind Potential for more information about Coaching Services.

    What is Coaching?

    Coaching is a results-oriented partnership that aims to assist a Coachee to increase their level of performance and engagement through identifying goals that are consistent with their deeply-reflected values and preferred life direction(s). It is a strengths-based approach that aims to identify existing strengths as a foundation on which to create a map towards maximising the Coachee’s potential.

    While Coaching does not primarily aim to examine or treat psychological problems, as a registered psychologist, the Coach is sufficiently qualified and competent to address psychological concerns. The Coach and Coachee may agree to determine the extent to which mental health related concerns represent barriers to the Coachee’s identified goals and incorporate this into the Coaching Plan. Furthermore, the Coach may recommend referral to internal or external support mechanisms to ensure the Coachee receives the appropriate support.

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